[CM] Re: cannot run cm script on Linux SBCL

Christophe Rhodes csr21@cam.ac.uk
Fri, 05 Aug 2005 11:16:01 +0100


Immanuel Litzroth <immanuell@enfocus.be> writes:

> "Rick Taube" <taube@uiuc.edu> writes:
>>> Or: how do you know if a given sbcl has callbacks?
>> this is a good question. I havent tried to build sbcl from sources and
>> so i dont know if callbacks are in 0.9.2. 
> sbcl 9.3 has the callback code (in code/target-alieneval.lisp). It
> does say in one place  
>>    ;;;; See "Foreign Linkage / Callbacks" in the SBCL Internals manual.
> and a little bit further
>  >   ;;;; interface (not public, yet) for alien callbacks
> The manual doesn't mention callbacks. I tried to get it to work
> yesterday for 30 min. but I gave up.

As I understand it -- and bear in mind that despite my position in
sbcl development, I don't understand it all that well -- the
infrastructure for callbacks is present on x86 and ppc/Darwin
platforms; there is discussion of the implementation details in the
Internals Manual (as distinct from the User Manual), and that there
isn't (yet) a finalized public interface interface.

The file tests/callback.impure.lisp in the SBCL source distribution
demonstrates the current status of the callback implementation (on
those platforms on which it is supported at all): there are tests for
the usual qsort call, and that floats and doubles get passed correctly
from one end to the other.

Nikodemus Siivola, who has been driving this development direction, is
at present on holiday, so things may not move terribly fast until he