[CM] Re: cannot run cm script on Linux SBCL

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Tue, 2 Aug 2005 13:43:51 -0500

> Also because on sbcl-, I was able to compile and load CMN. 
> The
> make.lisp function saves CMN with CM to be run with the bin/cm.sh
> script. Therefore if I am lucky I think I will have CMN, midishare,
> portmidi running on this cm image (know on wood).

juan - you might consider NOT saving an image until the dust settles 
with sbcl and real time, im not sure how the lib initialziation will 
work in saveed images and you will undoubtably have save new images 
often foor the next week or so. for example, just committed a facility 
for recording midi data.

if its a question of wanting to always starting up with the same 
software, then create a ~/.cminit.lisp file and add load statements 

;; my ~/.cminit.lisp file
(load "/path/to/clm-3/all.lisp")
(load "/path/to/cmn/cmn-all.lisp")
(load "/path/to/fomus/load.lisp")

and so on.