[CM] cm-2.6.0/ windowsXP

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Sun, 17 Apr 2005 20:04:31 -0500

> hi, I have installed the cm-2.6.0 with clisp2.33 for windows. I have 
> two questions:
> 1) Many functions work fine, but I have problems with MIDI and 
> sometime with cmn output. When I write:
> [1]> (events (new midi :keynum 60) "hi.mid")
> *** - Condition of type UNBOUND-SLOT.

yes the system is complaining that you have not set a :time value in 
the event. try:

(events (new :midi :time 0 ) "hi.mid")

It seemed silly to me to default time to zero if you don't specify it. 
My feeling was that if a composer doesn't know what time their sounds 
start at then they have no business making noise!

> You may input a new value for (SLOT-VALUE
> #i(midi keynum 60 duration 0.5 amplitude 64 channel 0) TIME).
> I have a answer like this, with cmn class. Please, what is my error?.

looks like the same issue to me. just remember that every object needs 
a time value if its going to be placed in a score and if you are the 
composer the you have come up with it somehow. its a dirty job but 
someone has to do it. pick them at random it you want to!:

(events (loop for x in (ransegs 15 :type :high-pass :max 12)
                       collect (new midi :time x :keynum (between 60 

> 2) need I install cmn package? Anyone can't expain how to do it? 
> (creating image for automatic load...)

yes. you should install CMN and then load it into CM once you start up. 
you can put the loading statement in an init file if you dont want to 
to type it.
> Thank's very much (from spain)

good luck!