[CM] CM for live performance

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters@0x09.com
Tue, 12 Apr 2005 09:19:48 -0700

Hmm.. Midishare isn't quite my cup of tea because of an almost
superstitious aversion I have to Midi. I find that it ties me too much
to a concept of triggers and notes, though I'm sure it's possible to
move away from that.

It seems that currently the best application of Lisp for real-time
performance would be as a frontend to another sound server (Pd or
SuperCollider, etc.) via OSC or similar interface. The Pd qlist plugin
offers one such interesting opportunity.

rt-engine looks more like what I'm looking for. I'll definitely take a
closer look at that.

Thanks all for the advice.

Dave Phillips wrote:
> Hi Ian:
>  FWIW, I've been experimenting recently with MidiShare output and other
> realtime output possibilities with CM. I'm not sure I'd call it a
> performance tool, but it does perform very well in realtime (I'm working
> with CM 2.6.0 under CMUCL, Planet CCRMA RH9). My work in this direction
> has been almost entirely focused on MIDI output, but I think you could
> just as easily drive SC3 or Csound audio output from CM.
> Best,
> dp
> Ian Smith-Heisters wrote:
>> I've been using Pure Data to do live performance for a few years, but
>> I'm getting frustrated with its patch paradigm, and I think I could
>> produce better stuff in a text based language. So I've started to look
>> at SuperCollider, JSyn, and CM. CM is the most attractive to me because
>> I love Lisp and it's open source, whereas JSyn doesn't seem to be OSS.
>> Does CM lend itself to live performance? Is it easy to build up GUIs for
>> interaction/control? What do most people use it for? I've searched the
>> web and haven't found too many examples of projects using CM; the
>> impression I've developed is that it's used for research, but not too
>> much for more everyday media. Is there any possibility of using CM along
>> with another Lisp library to do real-time video manipulation?
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