[CM] replacement for def-clm-struct?

Anders Vinjar andersvi@extern.uio.no
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 17:14:12 +0200

What would be a wise way to define data-structures accessible in
run now that def-clm-struct is gone?

Im looking at dlocsig.lisp for clm-3.  It functions allright
(putting in 4th argument *output* to some calls on #'out-any),
however the need to carry all the previous struct-fields as
variables or some such is quite messy and errorprone.

Ive tried replacing make-dlocs with a macro which places the
various fields in an array, making them accessible by straight
array-referencing in run.  For some reason i cant get it to work,
getting loads of errors when compiling.

(defmacro make-dlocs (&key start end out-channels rev-channels
                           out-delays out-map gains rev-gains delay path rev)
  ;; 11 fields to keep with the generator
  `(let ((dl-arr (make-array 11)))
     (setf (aref dl-arr 0) ,start)
     (setf (aref dl-arr 1) ,end)
     (setf (aref dl-arr 2) ,out-channels)

and then defining "accessors" along the lines of:

(defmacro dlocs-start (dloc) `(aref ,dloc 0))
(defmacro dlocs-end (dloc) `(aref ,dloc 1))
(defmacro dlocs-out-channels (dloc) `(aref ,dloc 2))
(defmacro dlocs-rev-channels (dloc) `(aref ,dloc 3))