[CM] extract track regions

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 3 Sep 2004 12:51:16 -0500

Ok I put it on pinhead

there are two files
1 samples.lisp contains the CLM code to find/preview/cut the samples 
from an audio file.
2 flute.lisp is an example file that parses/cuts flute samples from the 
Universtiy of Iowa's sample database.

the two main functions in sample.lisp are parse-samples and 
cut-samples. i looked at parse-samples and it seems that I use the lisp 
loop only so that I can return a  Lisp list as the result of the call 
to the instrument :/
and there are probably better ways to do this (i wrote this code 
several years ago blah blah blah...)
also, you may have to fiddle with wait-dac if you are not in openmcl -- 
i needed some way to tell sndplay to preview one sample file at a time, 
ie wait for one to finish playng before moving on to the next sample 
file. I _think_ snddplay now does this via a switch...

i also have some related files: vkey.ins is a "virtual key" object that 
you  can use to do concrete with a sample database that you cut that 
does basic mixing, filtering and timestreatching. it  contains some 
replacemnt CLM instrumnts that Michael Klilngbeil wrote so that the 
instruments could work with more than stero files. Im pretty sure that 
he wont mind if this code is posted, if hes ok i can also make this 
stuff available if anyone is interested.