[CM] OT: Notes from the Metalevel available?

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Thu, 2 Sep 2004 08:42:18 -0500

> I'm just wondering what the best way is to order the paperback for US  
> delivery.

Im sorry for the delay in my response to your quetion -- its taken a  
few days to get the information about how to order Notes from the  
Metalevel. The process has been confusing because the publisher (Swets)  
was purchased by another publishing house just before the book came  
out!  Here is the "official" reply I received, please see the link  
below for ordering the paperback version of Notes from the Metalevel on  
line. I will call Thomson and try to get them to list the paperback  
version on Amazon...


> Following the transfer of publishing activities from T&F NL (former  
> Swets & Zeitlinger Publishers) to the offices of T&F in the USA and  
> UK, as of 1 May all order handling has been transferred to Thomson  
> Publishing Services.
> Orders can be placed at:
> Taylor & Francis Customer Services
> c/o Thomson Publishing Services
> Cheriton House
> North Way
> ANDOVER - Hants SP10 5BE
> Tel: +44 1264 343 071
> Fax: +44 1264 343 005
> E-mail:
> book.orders@tandf.co.uk (individual customers)
> salesorder.tandf@thomsonpublishingservices.co.uk (retail customers)
> international.tandf@thomsonpublishingservices.co.uk (international  
> trade)
> Please refer those people who want to order the paperback to:
> http://www.thomsonpublishingservices.co.uk/catalog/info.asp? 
> isbn=9026519753
> This is the link were the paperback can be ordered directly. I trust  
> this is of some help, in particular for sales of the paperback  
> version!