[CM] with-mix & fully specified path

Bret Battey bbattey@dmu.ac.uk
Wed, 1 Sep 2004 10:33:23 +0100

Sorry if this is an issue resolved in a later version of CLM (?) --  
this issue appears in CLM 2, 27 Jan 2004, Mac OSX, OpenMCL.

My first attempts at using with-mix. When I attempt to use it as  
follows, it works fine, writing the with-mix files  
granibird26-wmix01.aif and .clm to my home directory.

  (sound-let ((filtered
              (with-mix () "granibird26-wmix01.aif" 0
                         (loop for i from 1 to 8 do
                               :freq (* i 100);
                               :bwq .001
                               :file-start 17
                               :dur 10)
                              ) ; end with-mix
                (:path (make-path :polar T :path '((1 -45))))
                (grani 0 20 1
                       filtered  ETC...


If I designate a full path for the with-mix file I get an error. It  
appears that it is looking for an snd temp file in the given directory  
rather than the file name I specified:

Changing the above to use instead
               (with-mix ()  
"/Users/bbattey/04/granifun/granibird26-wmix01.aif" 0


mus_header_read: can't open /Users/bbattey/04/granifun/snd19.aiff: No  
such file or directory> Error in process listener(2): can't reopen  

Bret Battey                                                            
Senior Lecturer: Music, Technology and Innovation
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK