[CM] cygwin+snd blues

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri, 08 Oct 2004 04:51:12 -0700

I removed Clisp support in version 3 of CLM -- to support it
required a huge amount of incredibly ugly special-case code.

I'll look at the Snd stuff later today -- I don't know why it
complains about a Sonorus device.

 > Recent
 > postings in cmdist give me the impression that at some point we would be
 > able to do all clm things on snd's listener. Am I right in this
 > assumption?

Yes -- see ws.scm and clm-ins.scm for example.  Snd's implementation
of CLM is slightly slower than the CL version (it uses my optimizer
rather than separate C files, gcc, and the lisp FFI), but I think
it's fast enough to be usable.  Both use clm.c as the basic generator

 > That would be awesome! I could use some advice as to what's available
 > right now. In particular, whether grani and dlocsig can be used there.

I don't think grani.ins has been translated -- will check. Mike Scholz
provided a Ruby version of dlocsig -- dlocsig.rb.