[CM] Windows XP

rdlatimer@tjhsst.edu rdlatimer@tjhsst.edu
Thu, 7 Oct 2004 13:33:58 -0400 (EDT)

We're trying to set up CLM on an XP machine here at school.
I'm using Lispworks too.
Here's my error on loading all.lisp.  Any suggestions?

Randy Latimer rdlatimer@tjhsst.edu

CL-USER 1 > (load "c:\\Program Files\\clm-3\\all.lisp")
; Loading text file c:\Program Files\clm-3\all.lisp
;   running cd C:\Program Files\clm-3\ && ./configure --quiet
--with-doubles --with-float-samples
; Compiling "C:\\Program Files\\clm-3\\io.c"
; Compiling "C:\\Program Files\\clm-3\\headers.c"
; Compiling "C:\\Program Files\\clm-3\\audio.c"
; Compiling "C:\\Program Files\\clm-3\\sound.c"
; Compiling "C:\\Program Files\\clm-3\\clm.c"
; Compiling "C:\\Program Files\\clm-3\\cmus.c"

Error: Undefined function COMPILE-AND-LOAD called with arguments