[CM] snd 7.7

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue, 05 Oct 2004 04:04:54 -0700

Snd 7.7

new version of sndins and other bugfixes thanks to Mike Scholz

in clm: autoc.ins, scentroid.ins, rmsenv.ins, and sndwarp.ins thanks to Bret Battey

clm: configuration bugfixes thanks to Anders Vinjar

added: smart-line-cursor in draw.scm
	  (a line cursor that ducks under the top right thumbnail graph)

        vct|channel|spectral-polynomial (dsp.scm)

        create-ssb-dialog in snd-motif.scm

        vct-reverse! (mostly to experiment with fancy granulate edit funcs)

        log-freq-start (with more transform dialog widgetry and axis improvements)

        show-sonogram-cursor (tracking cursor in sonogram)

        do? (examp.scm -- 'do' that can be interrupted and continued)

        grid-density (controls axis tick spacing)

        edit-list->function (1st step toward a "sound spreadsheet")

removed: mus-inspect, buffer generator.
            (mus-inspect duplicates the functionality of mus-describe, and given
	   a decent debbuger, the extra info it provides is unneeded).

          vct-convolve! (see snd7.scm -- was same as convolution function)

          vct->samples and samples->vct (see snd7.scm)
	   (These were redundant given vct->channel->vct and inconsistent with others)

          list and vector return value choices from map-chan and map-channel (see snd7.scm).
            float vector as possible arg to formant-bank, fft, or scale-* (use vct) (see snd7.scm).
            list of vectors as possible arg to graph (use list of vcts)
            mus-audio-mixer-read|write vector arg is now a vct
            (I'm trying to reduce the use of vectors as much as possible)

          oscil-bank, mus-bank (see snd7.scm)

          support for gtkglext 0.1 through 0.4

changed: transform-samples->vct to transform->vct, region-samples->vct to region->vct,
  	 transform-samples-size to transform-frames. (Old forms are in snd7.scm).

checked: gtk 2.5.2|3, Mesa 6.1, sbcl 0.8.14|5

with much help from: Michael Klingbeil, Anthony Kozar, Bret Battey, Anders Vinjar,
      Mike Scholz, Paul Winkler, Marv Smoak

(Snd has lumbered past the 400,000 line mark -- 250000 C, 110000 Scheme,
30000 Ruby, and a few thousand of m4, lisp, emacs-lisp etc)