[CM] Xemacs and Listener response

Terrence Brannon metaperl@urth.org
Sat, 02 Oct 2004 04:56:52 -0400

After I send an expression to the Listener via C-x C-e, it seems that I have to
move my mouse or do something before a response will show up in the Listener -
it just seems to stay frozen until then.

Also, double-clicking on an expression and choosing Eval Selection seems to lock
up the Listener completely. I have to type C-c and then abort to return things
back to normal.

There was no cm.bat with my distribution of Commonmusic. Here is what I do to
get cm going:

(defvar cm-directory (expand-file-name "~/mydocs/Scheme/cm-2.4.1/"))

(defvar cm-startfile "cm.sh")

(let* ((els (concat cm-directory "/etc/xemacs"))
         (bin (concat cm-directory "/bin/"
         (load-path (cons els load-path)))
    (load "listener")
    (load "cm")
    (setq inferior-lisp-program bin))