[CM] Plotter GUI on Linux available

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Tue, 23 Nov 2004 09:45:30 -0600

The Plotter GUI is now available for x86/Linux (CMU19a and SBCL 0.8.16) 
in addition to Darwin/OpenMCL. The latest sources also include plot 
editing, region selection, conditional selection, bug fixes and some 
other stuff. The code is now integrated into CM's head CVS branch and 
should build "out of the box" on properly configured systems. However, 
if you use SBCL or OS X then there may be a bit of pre-installation 
depending on your system. On the mac it is possible to open a plotter 
window from inside Emacs.app or Terminal.app in addition to xterm and 
xemacs. For more information on plotter configurations see:


CM's new install.html also contains an expanded explanation of how to 
get the sources using CVS, see:


After downloading the source, type 'cm.sh -l cmucl' or whatever and 
then use my temporary (foo) funcion to open a test display. You might 
consider reading the updated main plotter documentation in the 
dictionary before attempting any of the examples (yeah, right):


I think the next main task(s) will be to add lots of sequencing 
commands so that it can be a general tool for editing/mixing music, 
sort of a gui version of the old Stella commad interpreter. Copy/paste 
and undo/redo would be nice too.

A big thanks to Dave Phillips, Anders Vinjar, Tobais Kunze and Michael 
Klilngbeil for testing out Plotter on their various systems.

Please let me know of any problems, bugs, misfeatures, or ideas for new