[CM] [CLM] eval within the run-body.

Heinrich Gudenus hgudenus@fh-sbg.ac.at
Mon, 1 Nov 2004 15:26:15 +0100


I am trying to write an instrument in clm,
where it is possible to use
a fir-filter, formant and/or delay..
in every possible combination ..

i thought of a variable which holds the output-call and the filters that
are turned on e.g.

[when fir=t and formant=t and delay=nil generate: (fir-filter fir (formant
formant (locsig loc i ...)))]

... this should be evaluated within the run-body ...
doesnt work .. of course .. apart from the fact that eval is not supporte
within the run-body,
i think that my suggestion for solution is incorrect ..
one working solution would be to write down every possible combination ..
(this seems to be cumbersome)

-- is it possible to evaluate  a variable within the run-body..
-- does anyone have a suggestion how to solve my (little) problem ..
(the idea doesnt seem to be so unusual, does it?)