[CM] Re: Building snd from source

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri, 21 May 2004 04:18:12 -0700

 > The one thing I """hate""" (sorry for that strong word) with the
 > motified snd is, that the strings of the buttons, menus and such are
 > so tiny (my screen is 1600x1200 pixies) and the file selector box has
 > a not so useable retro design compared with things seen while using
 > gimp (for example) -- but this is not meant as a complaint or critic...!

The default font sizes date back to the days when 780x1024 was
considered huge -- I use larger fonts in my ~/.snd, but perhaps
it's time to change the defaults?

The Motif file selector dialog is indeed a pain; the gtk file chooser
dialog is fancier, and changing daily, so it might be an improvement.
The SGI version of the Motif dialog was better, and the rumor on
the Motif mailing lists is that they've offered to make it freely
available, so perhaps in the next version of Motif I will be able
to add support for it.

 > (by the way: compressing it to bz2 instead, while save a lot of bytes

I'll check out bunzip2 -- I could easily provide both formats.