[CLM] [CM] sound-duration, sound-maxamp, convolve-files (newbie)

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu, 20 May 2004 03:37:05 -0700

 > I didnt install sndlib

You don't need to install it as a separate library unless
there's some other program (outside the Common Music group)
that uses it.  So, it will have no effect on the sound-maxamp

 > now i tried to install sndlib --> after ./configure, make
 > produces an error (gcc: ... : -lm unknown : error 1)

I'd have to see more info, but it's probable that
you've got a problem with your environment variables.  Try


and look for LD_LIBRARY_PATH; it should include the directory that
has libm.a (probably /usr/lib).  If you don't want to set that,
add -L/usr/lib to the makefile LIBS variable.

 > cutting out a piece of the original file (by using a tmp file
 > (copy of the original)) and then overwriting
 > the tmp-file again -> same procedure over and over again..
 > that worked. ::the problem is now, that the samples,
 > which have been produced in this way, get noisier and noisier

Could you send me enough context to replicate this?  By the
way, I think if you want to use CLM in any complex or serious
way, you'll be much happier using any lisp other than clisp.
Or Scheme, Ruby, Forth, C.

(I just noticed that the no-ffi float sample writer doesn't
match the float sample reader -- perhaps that's where the
problem is -- the no-ffi version of CLM was a "quick temporary
hack" to get it working in clisp until clisp provided a reasonable
foreign function interface -- that was many years ago...)