[CM] new cmn improvements in cvs

taube@uiuc.edu taube@uiuc.edu
Mon, 17 May 2004 13:01:26 -0500

cvs contains a new 'cmn' object for generating data to cmn
scores. the new cmn object can be used to output note
information as well as to add random cmn variable and funcall
expressions. the cmn object is handier to use than midis
because you can programmaticall attach CMN note markups such
as stacatto etc to each oject that you generate. the cmn
object also has methods that allow it to generate output to
.midi files; these midi file will automcatcally receive any
cmn meter, timesig or keysig expressions you generate.

the doc tree in cvs has new documentation that covers the
object: doc/dict/cmn-cls.html. I'm makeing a real effor in the
2.5.0 branch to upgrade the dictionary and the new cmn entry
as well as some of the midi classes now include sets of
examples that I hope are useful. I also updated the cmn-stream
documentatino to cover :staffing lists and so on.

And check out the new css doc styling of dictionary examples
with active links of cm functions/classes to their own docs. i
stole this idea from bill's examples in his clm2 manual.

for information on how to download cm using cvs see: