[CM] nested loop question

Jerry Kahn jerry.kahn@db.com
Tue, 11 May 2004 15:42:41 -0400

Hey all:

I am trying to do a basic loop within a loop, but using the "process" function instead of "loop" because of
all the extra features that "process" has.

The only hitch is that I want the "now" and "wait" clauses of the process to apply to the inner loop, not the outer one.

I am able to create nested loops but I can only get the "now" and "wait" to apply to the outer one. So
if I am outputing midi events in the inner loop they all end up with the same time (i.e. a chord).

I suspect that I won't be able to use "process" at all for this and just stick to "loop" constructs

Is this true?

I tried many configurations: process within process, loop within process, the "each" clause, the "do" clause
etc but no luck.

Any suggestions?

While we're at it, how does recursion work with processes and loops? Are there any samples floating around?



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