[CM] apply audio effects on processes

alin weiller alinweiller@caramail.com
Thu, 06 May 2004 22:49:34 GMT

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I mean, for
instance, I have
processes controled
by the events
function :
(events ((proc1
arg1) (proc2
I don't want to
write the result
directly in the file
"sound.aiff", I want
fisrt to apply some
CLM effects on it

Otherwise for LADSPA
plugins, since there
is in Snd the
possibility to use
them, I was
wondering if it's
possible to use
LADSPA plugins
directly in CM in a
simple way.


>1) Is it possible
to send the result
of the event
function in
output stream
instead of file?

i dont know what
this means. You can
make an event stream
writes to standard
output, if that is
what you want:

(setf s (new
event-stream :stream
(events (whatever)

If you are in clisp
on unix then you can
the value of :stream
to a clisp "pipe
stream" that
connects to some
see the clisp manual
about that.

>2) Is it possible
to use LADSPA
plungins as Lisp
which takes the
input stream and
give the output
>by the plugin?

sorry, i dont
understand this.
maybe you want a
clisp pipe
stream as in my
first answer?

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