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Bill Sack wsack@acsu.buffalo.edu
Fri, 26 Mar 2004 14:25:29 -0500

well, i thought it was funny! when i write 'interactive' pieces, i 
generally use cm to make the actual data that the pd patch calls on. 
it's easier for me to think algorithmically in lisp: very easy to do 
things in cm that would be a real pain in pd or max. i guess i should 
work up a cm output stream that writes qlist data for pd ...

on a semi-related topic: does anyone have an easy way to write cm data 
to the "pmn" function (proportional notation) in cmn? this would mean 
passing rhythm to the cmn objects explicitly as "offset" values. i'm 
working on an interactive piece, and want some score representation of 
the "computer" part to cue the human performer. the rhythmic values of 
the computer stuff are absolutely stupid and irrelevant to the performer 
- they only need to know the relative order of events and their 
approximate rhythm.

also, it seems that the 'cmn' output object doesn't exist in 2.4, as in:

(output (new cmn time (now) channel ch
			    data (list bla...

i used to use it for adding dynamics and articulations and other 
niceties to my scores. i tried something like this yesterday in 2.4 and 
it produced an error ... i don't recall exactly what it was, sorry. what 
method has taken its place?

if anyone can help out with either of these two issues, i'd be very 


Larry Troxler wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 March 2004 13:55, Rick Taube wrote:
>>well its spring break. here is an implementation of "max" (three
>>functions) so you can pretend you're composing too. 
> _Pretend_  you're composing? I'm not sure what the joke is here.
> Pretty nice at any rate.
> But really, I'm wondering if anybody has turned this upside-down and has been 
> successfully in running Common Music inside of Pure Data!!
> Theoretically, since CM works in Guile, this should be possible using Kjetil 
> Svalastog Matheussen's k_guile external.
> Regards
> Larry Troxler
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