[CM] 2.4 Compiled for Win32

mjb@isoxford.com mjb@isoxford.com
Sat, 13 Mar 2004 09:51:56 -0000


Thanks for your reply.

I had some problems installing CLISP which I ended up doing on a Win ME machine.
The install.bat file provided did not work for me so I did by hand. Basically I had to
use the /base/lisp.exe version, the /full/lisp.exe compained that it couldn't find an
entry point in a system dll.

Moving on to CM. After a little hiccup where I needed to create a subdirectory
of .../cm-2.4.2/bin/clisp_2.32_windows-i686, your cm.lisp program worked
beautifully and now I'm ready to go :)

Thanks again