[CM] midishare: output-stop

Johannes Quint johannes.quint@web.de
Tue, 2 Mar 2004 20:13:31 +0100

> Just glancing through their spec I dont see any way to flush pending 
> output in Midishare -- that is a bit suprising and Ill have to look 
> into it in more detail when I get a chance. In the mean time you might 
> try doing a (midi-close) and see if that does anything useful (save 
> your edits first...). If Midishare cannot flush pending output then 
> another possibility might be to move to real time processes in CM. In 
> OpenMCL 041 Lisp processes are actually Darwin threads that are 
> scheduled by the OS, which should mane that real-time MIDI work in 
> openmcl is possible.

(midi-close) works. but it would be nice to have a keystroke. ist there 
a way to define them in openmcl?
concerning the player-problem: i get the following warning when i load 

;Compiler warnings :
;   Undefined function SETF::|CCL::%INC-PTR|, in INFO.