[CM] snd 7.5

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed, 30 Jun 2004 03:04:18 -0700

Snd 7.5

snd-hobbit.scm from Kjetil -- support for the Hobbit Scheme compiler in Snd!
   gtk support in fft-menu.scm (and many other improvements) thanks to Kjetil

Steve Sykes got Snd to run in Cygwin/Windows (with Guile and Motif)!

configure switch --with-doc-dir (for gentoo)
   also new variables GUILE_CONFIG_name and GUILE_name (for OSX/fink)

The Snd/sndlib/CLM build process now requires configure -> config.h.
   for the case of CLM on the old Mac (OS9 etc),  it might work to just
     make an empty file named config.h
   in the CL CLM, you can force configure to run with the *feature* #+reconfigure
   The CLM build now includes clm.c -- major (internal) changes underway...

removed stop-playing-region-hook, stop-playing-channel-hook, before-apply-hook
   added stop-function arg to play, play-and-wait, play-selection, play-region, add-player
   cursor-update-interval (tracking cursor redraw rate if it is tracking the DAC)
   cursor-location-offset (tracking cursor position fixup)

added add-colormap, delete-colormap, colormap-size, colormap-name, changed colormap-ref
   removed 2 previously built-in colormaps, added rainbow colormap
   default colormap is 0 (black and white)
   new error: 'no-such-colormap

ssb-am generator in CLM
   ssb-bank (dsp.scm) for pitch/duration changes, ssb-bank-env to add freq env
   distribution arg to make-rand, make-rand-interp
   removed mus-x*|y*|a*|b*, replaced by mus-x|ycoeff

periodogram in dsp.scm
   edot-product (clm.c) (for DFT-related stuff like stretch-sound-via-dft)
   read-ascii (examp.scm) (raw text as sound file data format)
   complex number support in xen (xen.h) (in Guile -- I don't think Ruby has complex numbers)

checked: cmucl 19a, gtk 2.4.2|3, sbcl 0.8.11

With much help from: Kjetil S. Matheussen, Anders Vinjar, Michael Edwards,
   Stephen Sykes, Cris Ewing, Meino Cramer, Heinrich Gudenus