[CM] mark-explode

cristopher pierson ewing cewing@u.washington.edu
Wed, 23 Jun 2004 09:44:08 -0700 (PDT)


Another case of user error.  Sorry.  I have been using a program where I
needed to place markers at sample 0 and at the last sample so that I could
export the regions divided by the markers.  Apparently in snd the first
marker I need is at the first breakpoint in the big file.  If i don't put
a marker at 0 it works just fine.

So that just leaves the issue of the soundfile output format.

Can I change the default clm soundfile type?  I know when I'm using clm I
can do it in the configuration file, what about here?



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On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Bill Schottstaedt wrote:

> I'll check the #f-where-vct-should-be bug later today;
> on the output header type, it's currently using array->file
> which just uses the CLM default output type.  I'll write
> a version that lets you set the header type.
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