[CM] drag'n drop CLM+CM+CMN (OS X)

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 15:20:30 -0600

> Rick
> i have XEmacs fro OS X is there a way to use it?
> Pat

I have hooks in CM.app that IN THEORYtshould allow you start under 
whatever editor you want.
IN THEORY you should be able to do:
	defaults write -app CM editor /sw/bin/xemacs
and away you go. but there are two probelms, the first minor, the 
second major:

1. you have to fix a typo of mine:
    edit the script CM.app/Contents/MacOS/cmapp.sh and change the line:
           EDITOR=`defaults read -app Common\ Music editor 2>/dev/null`
           EDITOR=`defaults read -app CM editor 2>/dev/null`

2. It still wont work because OS X deesnt seem to want to start 
XWindows/xemacs from a shell command exec'ed under a double-clicked 
App. I dont know why, maybe some OSX guru on the list (if there are 
any) could help me out. I played around with it for an hour or so and 
gave up, im not sure its evne possible.

Once you give up trying to launch xemacs, you can reset CM.app back to 
the default Emacs.app editor choice by doing:

	defaults delete -app CM editor

I actually use both Emacs.app and xemacs on OSX i honestly now prefer 
the Aqua version (I still perfer xemacs on all ny other machines...)
so you might try the Aqua Emacs at mindlube out, its quite pretty and 
has nice features.