[CM] midishare clarification

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 14:08:43 -0600

Just to be clear about midishare in cm 2.4.2 and CM.app:

CM.app contains the _hooks_ to midishare but it will not work unless 
you install Grame's Midishare package on your machine firstf. And don't 
try to work with Midishare from CM until/unless you have successfully 
used their msDrivers and msController apps to verify that you can 
acctually send MIDI output to Midishare.

Then, to activate a connection from within CM you do:

   ? (load "mus:cm;src;midishare;MidiShare-Interface.lisp")

[Note: the directions I emailed in the announcement had a typo -- do 
not load midishare.lisp, load MidiShare-Interface.lisp]

Once you've loaded the interface file you can test to see if MidiShare 
is happy by calling (midishare)
If it returns a 1 you win if you get a 0 you lose:

   ? (midishare)

at that point you can send  to "midi.port". But since there is a delay 
the first time Midishare is opened (on osx at least) , you might want 
to open a connection by hand first:

   ? (midi-open)
   #<midishare-stream "midi.port">

and then:

   ? (events (whatever) "midi.port")

The last test in etc/test.cm has some tests you can peform by hand.