[CM] drag'n drop CLM+CM+CMN (OS X)

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 13:39:09 -0600

An OSX binary release of CM 2.4.2 with the latest CLM-2, CMN and
MidiShare is available from sourceforge and ccrma:


The archive contains CM.app, a relocatable OS X application.  To
install, uncompress the archive, double-click to open the disk
image and then drag the CM icon into your Applications folder.

All system sources are located under the app's install directory and
can be accessed from Lisp via the MUS logical hostname:

        (compile-file "mus:clm;v.ins")
        (load "mus:cm;src;midishare;midishare.lisp")
        (directory "mus:cm;doc;*.html")
        (load "mus:cmn;fux.cmn")

By default CM.app starts running as a sub-process of OS X Emacs. You
can download a binary of OS X Emacs for Jaguar or Panther from:


I have tested CM.app in Panther (10.3.2). Most of it should work in
Jaguar but if you will be compiling CLM instruments or working with
MidiShare then you should upgrade to Panther (include the developer
tools from the XCode CD in the install set.)


1. The application bundles the following systems together:

        OpenMCL    0.14-031108
        CLM-2      16 (30-Jan-04 tarball)
        CM         2.4.2
        CMN        "Common Music Notation 26-Jan-04"
        MidiShare  1.87

2. The application defines the following logical directories:


    These logical pathnames map to the actual release directories
    installed under the application's runtime directory
    CM.app/Contents/MacOS/. The directories are set to be writable by

3. Executables and the "cminit.lisp" initialization file are in the
    bin/ subirectory. The cminit.lisp does a (use-package :clm) when
    you start up.

4. CM.app contains the openmcl FFI to MidiShare. You must install
    MidiShare 1.87 before you use the FFI. To activate a MidiShare
    connection, first load CM's interface and then output MIDI events
    to "midi.port":

	(load "mus:cm;src;midishare;midishare.lisp")
         (events (whatever) "midi.port")

5. You might be able to run CM under X Windows/xemacs instead of the
    Aqua Emacs if you execute this shell command:

        defaults write -app Common\ Music editor xemacs