[CM] snd 7.1

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri, 09 Jan 2004 03:47:06 -0800

Snd 7.1:

    sndplay jack support and other bugfixes thanks to Kjetil S. Matheussen.
    rtio.rb and extensions.rb thanks to Michael Scholz (and many other *.rb improvements)
    hooks.rb and hooks support in Ruby thanks to Michael Scholz.
    Rick provided *definstrument-hook* (defins.lisp) to make it easier to
      deal with CLM instruments in CM.
    Bill Sack provided stochastic.ins and stochasticRT.ins.
    Todd Ingalls got the clm/snd connection to work in OSX/openmcl/X11.

    virtual editor coverage expanded by about a factor of 4
    copy-sample-reader for all sample reader types
      sample-reader-at-end?, sample-reader-home, sample-reader-position, and
        free-sample-reader are now generic
      removed inspect-sample-reader, free-mix|track-sample-reader
      added region-sample-reader? and read-region-sample
    use-pan-mix-in-mix-menu (snd-motif.scm), pan-mix-selection|region|vct in mix.scm.
    added kosine-summation in dsp.scm -- sum-of-cosines with an "index".

    added sine-ramp and sine-env-channel for envelopes that connect the dots
      with a sinusoidal curve (using ptree-channel, so it's a virtual op)
      and an extension of it using a blackman-harris window. Also env-squared-channel,
      and env-expt-channel (x^n for any positive n).
    changed enved-exp? to enved-style for user-defined segment connectors,
      (envelope-linear, envelope-exponential, or a list of 2 procedures, mimicking cursor-style).
      old enved-exp? is in snd7.scm
    envelopes can now have the properties 'envelope-base, 'envelope-type, and
      'envelope-lambda.  The envelope editor manages these, and define-envelope
      provides an optional base argument.  The rest of Snd is supposed to know
      about the properties.  The envelope variable itself still evaluates to the list
      of breakpoints (for backwards compatibility).

    added offset-channel, contrast-channel (extensions.scm), ring-modulate-channel (examp.scm)
    changed mus-data-format-bytes-per-sample to mus-bytes-per-sample (also in C)
    added selection-changed-hook
    added dur arg to make-env (lisp and scheme/ruby) for duration in samples

    added new gtk 2.3 and 2.3.1 stuff to xg module
    added NVF file support
    CLM now works in SBCL, xcmnw works in cmucl/Sun.

    checked: gtlglext 1.0.5, openmcl-darwin 0.14, gtk 2.3.1, clisp 2.32
    tried to check: Motif 2.2.3

    with much help from Dan Starr, Michael Scholz, Josh Matoon, Rick Taube,
	Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Anders Vinjar, Bill Sack, Kjetil S. Matheussen,
         Todd Ingalls, Bret Battey, Stanko Juzbasic, Mitch Turner, Pat Pagano,
   	Avi Bercovich.