[CM] OT: Notes from the Metalevel available?

Mike Hall m3ha11@rcn.com
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 21:11:06 -0500

Hi, all.  My apologies for the off-topic-ness of this.
I'm just wondering what the best way is to order the paperback for US 

I tried the S&Z web page at 
http://www.szp.swets.nl/szp/orderbooks/subscr_19575.htm and got a 
verification email, but after one week, the charge card is still 
un-charged and there's been no response to an email requesting status.

I called the 800 number for Taylor and Francis, KY, and they didn't 
the ISBN for the paperback, although they said that Amazon knew about 
the HB.

Is the best way to paper-mail the credit card number to Taylor and 
Thanks for any tips!

Mike Hall