[CM] cheaters snd

shreeswifty bigswift@ufl.edu
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 02:43:02 -0400

Hi folks

i had a problem with my old G4 laptop (10.2.8) and got a new G4 
powerbook with panther
and i was having a difficult time installing and frankly have lost 
faith in Fink quite a bit.
So i grabbed a binary version off of my old machine and simply built 
from source

fftw 3.0, guile1.4 and libsndfile
copied the binary over and voila --snd runs

now i am sure for alot of things it might not be ideal but for simple 
editing it works fine

i would still love to see a snd.pkg at some point  but for now this was 
the cheaters way out :-)