[CM] CLM-3 -> back to CLM-2

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 04:08:40 -0700

 > Perhaps an better option would be to revert to a slightly older
 > version of clm-2? On OS 9 I have been using a version from Nov. 18, 2002
 > (plus fixes which have since been incorporated). Yeah I know that sounds
 > old, but has worked well!
 > Based on HISTORY.clm, perhaps the version from June 14, 2004 would be good.
 > This is before all of the config changes but includes all of the last clm-2
 > improvements. I thought there were old versions available on ccrma-ftp,
 > but I didn't seem them. Bill, are the old tarballs around anywhere?

I don't have older versions of the tarball, but I'd be happy to store
any version you like on ccrma-ftp -- whatever works I always say.
We probably have the previous versions on backup tapes.

(I didn't plan the transition very well because it sort of fell on me
unexpectedly -- my original intention was to make a couple minor tweaks).