[CM] Can snd do this?

Michael Lapsley mlists@lapsley.ukshells.co.uk
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 11:34:52 +0100

I hope some of the snd experts can advise me on this.  

I have some language learning materials that I want to convert
to 'hands free'.  This entails recording myself reading out the
prompts for the drills from the book and inserting these into
the sound file which consists of the instructors replies only.

This is a massive and boring job and it needs to be as efficient
as possible otherwise I will never complete it.  Using normal
cut and paste is just too time consuming.

What I envisage is playing the wav file through snd, pressing a key
(<SPACE>, say), have the playback stop and switch to record mode,
read into the microphone to insert, release the key and have a
silence of a few seconds inserted, then continue playback.  Ideally
one could skip longer passages with the mouse.

I've had a look at the docs and I don't know where to start.  Even knowing
that it is possible and a few tips on how to start would be really helpful.

I've never used lisp, but I've done a fair bit of perl work and
scripting doesn't scare me.

If snd cannot do it, if another application springs to mind I'd be
grateful for other suggestions.