[CM] 2nd International Linux Audio Conference

Andrea Glorioso andrea.glorioso@agnula.org
Wed, 28 Apr 2004 22:06:15 +0200

[Putting users@ and developers@lists.agnula.org for reference - to the
AGNULA  people, please don't keep cmdist  on Cc:, as  I doubt that our
discussions are interesting to  common musicians (what's the  name for
CM users?]

>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Riedel <msriedel@zkm.de> writes:

    > Among  the speakers are also the  team leaders  of the two great
    > Linux   audio distributions, PlanetCCRMA   and Agnula,  ready to
    > answer questions.  Also, for the first  time a  CD-bootable Live
    > Linux audio system is being  developed which will help newcomers
    > in evaluating    what Linux can  do  for  them. The end   of the
    > conference will be marked by a panel discussion about the future
    > of free audio software under Linux.

As much as  being  defined  the  team leader of  a  great  Linux audio
distribution can really pump up your ego, I have to correct (slightly)
the above: the `live' version of AGNULA/DeMuDi (which, if I understood
correctly, will be  offered both at  the meeting and to  Linux Magazin
subscribers, thanks to  the kind work of  Frank Neumann who acted as a
glue between AGNULA and the people at  Linux Magazin) is not the first
live GNU/Linux distribution dedicated to multimedia.

Medialinux   (http://www.opensourcelabs.it/)        and     Dyne:Bolic
(http://www.dyne.org/) have  been developed  before AGNULA/DeMUDi,  in

One could  say that AGNULA/DeMuDi is  more focused on audio  and sound
than the  above  distributions, which are  more for  "multimedia guys"
(whatever than means :).

I  suggest trying  the  above  mentioned   distros - they  are  really
nice. Of course, trying AGNULA/DeMuDi (and  reporting all the bugs you
can find) would be a plus.

    > During the conference the brand-new Lionstracs Mediastation can
    > be seen. This keyboard, targeted towards music production, is
    > almost completely based on free linux software.

I'm quite curious seeing it.  I'd love having AGNULA/DeMuDi inside the
Mediastation - who knows? :)

Feel free to write me for any information on AGNULA and AGNULA/DeMuDi,
and pardon me for the off topic message.


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