[CM] some Snd updating problems

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Fri, 16 Apr 2004 11:14:02 -0400

Bill Schottstaedt wrote:

> >   [07:35:21] skip_scsh_block_comment: misc-error: unterminated `#! 
> ... !#' comment () #f #f: line #f
> >   ; (load ~/.snd)
> If you're using snd_conffile.scm, Kjetil just sent me a fixed
> version and I incorporated it in the various Snd versions --
> the problem is that in some modes Emacs can use \r\n rather
> than \n for newline, and that confused Guile -- the only way
> to tell (or rather the way I did) is to use od to look at the
> bytes of the file.
> Also, if the #! !# business is at the end of the file, be sure
> to include a trailing newline -- I complained about this bug
> years ago, but it's apparently a feature.

I'm using my misc.scm, everything there is okay (except for the 
change-menu-label thing), but the error occurs when I try to load 
Kjetil's ladspa.scm.

I'm also receiving this error when loading snd-7/new-effects.scm :

[08:46:39] XtSetValues: wrong-type-arg: Wrong type argument in position 
1 (expecting "Widget"): 6 "/home/dlphilp/snd-7/new-effects.scm": line 168
; menu callback func

The line in question is :

(define (change-label widget new-label)
  (let ((str (XmStringCreateLocalized new-label)))   <---------
    (XtSetValues widget (list XmNlabelString str))
    (XmStringFree str)))

> > I hope you've weathered the fierce California winter all right
> We had some days where I saw a cloud in the sky -- I ran indoors
> to be safe.

LOL! I'm surprised it wasn't reported in the news here... Apparently the 
Midwest has a fascination with California weather...