[CM] some Snd updating problems

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Fri, 16 Apr 2004 07:47:39 -0400

Hi Bill:

  I'm returning to Snd after a break from soundfile editors generally, 
and I'm running into some problems with menu labels and something else I 
don't understand at all.

  My menu label problem is related to the elimination of 
change-menu-label. What should I use to replace my use of it in 
instances such as these (from snd-7/dlp/special-menu.scm) :

    (define (yesenv!)
      (set! env-file #t)
      (change-menu-label special-menu yes-env-label no-env-label)

    (define (noenv!)
      (set! env-file #f)
      (change-menu-label special-menu no-env-label yes-env-label)

Or this one from the same file :

    (change-menu-label special-menu play-panned-label new-label)

I'm also receiving this error at start-up :

    [07:35:21] skip_scsh_block_comment: misc-error: unterminated `#! ... 
!#' comment () #f #f: line #f
    ; (load ~/.snd)

I'm trying to find the unterminated comment limiter but haven't found it 
yet (How do you grep for a character combination like !# ?)...

I hope you've weathered the fierce California winter all right and that 
all is well with you these days.

Best regards,

Dave Phillips