[CM] snd 6.12

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed, 24 Sep 2003 05:42:54 -0700

Snd 6.12:

Michael Scholz provided a translation of clm-ins.scm to Ruby: clm-ins.rb,
  and Forth versions of bird and bigbird!  Also env.rb, spectr.rb, and

added 5 new colors (help-button-color etc).

added more sophisticated cross-referencing to the help dialog, based on
  new snd-url function (with changes to index.scm, index.rb, etc).  The
  old info-only aspect of the help dialog is now handled by info-dialog.
  Help menu choices changed.

added snd->sample and xen->sample (Snd-specific) generators to redirect
  CLM's ina and friends automatically to Snd data.

added show-all-axes-unlabelled and show-x-axis-unlabelled to get rid of
  the somewhat pointless x axis label.

added just-sounds support in Gtk version (but it's still incomplete -- just
  keep clicking the ^%$^#! button).

removed mouse-release-hook -- it was made redundant by mouse-click-hook.
removed menu-hook -- the label-based approach was a mistake.
removed bold-button-font and boldbuttonFont resource.
changed html-program default to "mozilla"
removed parse-rc-file, added support for Snd.gtkrc.

GSL is no longer loaded if the local C has support for complex trig 
(ccos etc).
  GCC/Glibc appears to have this (it is part of ISO C99), and I didn't
  find any obvious bugs in it (leaving aside C++ grumbling).

checked: gsl 1.4, clisp 2.31 (CLM/CMN), gtkglext 1.0.3 and 1.0.4, Gtk 2.2.4.

Linuxppc support has become problematic -- the machine I was using
  for Linuxppc has finally died.  In version 6.11 I got it to run by falling
  back on the standard computer repair method: "drop the damn thing
  and kick it".  But even that trick didn't work this time.

With much help from: Michael Scholz, Kjetil S. Matheussen, Anders Vinjar,
    Dave Phillips, Andrew<a@etver.com>, Rick Taylor, Friedrich Delgado 
    Oded Ben-Tal.