[CM] Re: osx-openmcl-package

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Thu, 11 Sep 2003 09:13:31 -0500

> Dear Rick, Again about the emacs/openmcl/cm-bundle: 1.) OSX Midi 
> output to Quicktime works fine with (set-midi-output-hook! 
> #'osx-play-midi-file) 2.) How is Midishare to be integrated now, is 
> there a change to the directions in install.html? Especially: where to 
> untar openmcl-midishare.tar.gz?

The CommonMusic.app bundle is really just a shell, it has no influence 
on Midishare being installed or not. I think the easiest solution for 
the moment (easiest for ME not for you...) is for you to build a 
cm.image on your machine with Midishare installed (just as install.html 
decribes) and then move that image to CommonMusic.app/Contents/MacOS/
In other words, replace the currnet cm.image in CommonMusic.app with 
your image that contains Midishare, CLM, CMN etc.

Once I turn in the manuscript for the book (Oct. 1!) Ill think about 
other possible solutions. The best would be to have a real installer 
that sets stuff ip the way you want and provides a cm.image with CLM + 
CMN + MIDISHARE already included.

Id be interested to know if Linux allows you to do something similar -- 
ie. associate an icon with a set of script file(s) . If so I could 
design a similar binary distribution for Linux.  Students in my class 
like the bundle, and they were working with the Listener before I told 
them anything about Emacs.

On Thursday, Sep 11, 2003, at 08:31 America/Chicago, daniel mayer wrote:

> 3.) How to perform a plain program change? Still 'midi-write-message' 
> etc., but with different arg order? Thanks,

send it to what, Midishare or to a midifile? The easiest thing is to 
just use a 'midimsg' object with its 'msg' slot set to 
(make-program-change ...)