[CM] RE: osx-package/emacs

daniel mayer herbstmondwind@web.de
Sun, 7 Sep 2003 22:51:48 +0200

>you need to make sure that the --load arg is specified in your command st=
ring!!=A0 That --load arg tells=20
>emacs to load (evaluate)=A0cm.el rather than edit it in a buffer. right now=
 you are simply editing the=20
>cm.el file then when you eval that buffer you are doing what the --load o=
ption does.
>I think your open command should look something like:
>open -a emacs --load "/Applications/CommonMusic.app/Contents/MacOS/cm.el"=
Two things work:
'open -a emacs'=20
opens the aquafied emacs application and
'emacs -nw -l  "/Applications/CommonMusic.app/Contents/MacOS/cm.el" '
opens a terminal CM.
porkrind says, the -nw option is necessary to launch emacs per command.
I don't know how to combine these two things for the cm.sh file.

Thanks, Greetings


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