[CM] Common Music OSX application

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 5 Sep 2003 16:53:42 -0500

Ive bundled up Common Music as an OSX application complete with its own 
pretty icon:


To install, download the file and uncompress it. Then double-click the 
cm-2.4.0.dmg disk image and then drag the application into the 
/Applications folder on your hard drive.

The CommonMusic.app "application" is really a bundle of shell scripts 
and emacs-lisp files together with with a set of icons so that it looks 
and acts like a "real" OSX app in the Finder. Once you have installed 
it you can drag it into your dock for easy launching. When you launch 
the application you start up a saved version of Common Music 
(2.4.0/OpenMCL) in a dediciated window running under a GUI Emacs or 
Xemacs. Note that to get a GUI Emacs on OSX you need to download an 
Aqua version rather than using the console emacs command that is 
shipped with OSX. I have been using a pretty good Aqua Emacs I 
downloaded from:


This Aquafied Emacs.app is not quite as pretty as Xemacs but then again 
you dont have to install all of X-Windows plus 700 megabytes of Apple 
Developer code to install and use it!

CommonMusic.app is brand new so I would welcome feedback from anyone 
testing it out. To make the app I had to port CM's "listener.el" to 
work in Emacs as well as Xemacs. I've updated that file in the CVS