[CM] CM newbie looking for working .CMs for Lisp

Kenny Tilton ktilton@nyc.rr.com
Wed, 22 Oct 2003 20:31:32 -0400

Hi, I just downloaded CLM and CM.

Found what look like bugs building CLM on Windoze with ACL 6.2. Report 
them here? But I am now playing notes on several instruments, and it is 
mad cool. And may I say that overall the build process is quite 
impressive and well-done. Congrats.

CM seems to have installed painlessly, but I tried to load the examples 
to confirm. All but cring.cm (sp?) are in Scheme, and cring.cm seems to 
have a lot of problems (macros can't even expand). I can probably sort 
it all out, but am I missing something? Is there any other place to find 
example .Cms?

I just found what looks to be the book being developed, and I will also 
be working thru the archives of this list, but any useful web links are 

What is going on is that a group of Lisp programmers in NYC have joined 
forces with composer Howard Elmer and are starting to explore Lisp and 
Music. I myself am just a strong Lisp programmer, a big zero on music. 
But I expect to have a ball getting something other than graphics out of 
my computer for once.

We are thinking now that a combo of CM and CSound might be the way to 
go. Sound right? Anyway, if anyone else is in NYC and want to join in 
the fun, we're here.

Cheers, kenny

What?! You are a newbie and you haven't answered my: