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Fri, 10 Oct 2003 00:21:15 -0400

I've just made a clm debian package, that i'm going to mantain, and
should be uploaded soon ,couple of days, and in the demudi server as
well).  This package follows the suggested version number,
i.e. clm2-20030929.deb and once installed will be simply clm2 or clm
(both will be equal).  Of course that is good for Debian users....
I'm in the process of packaging cmn and cm too...

then if there is here any debian user i have a question/poll...:
which one of this two options would you prefer:
1)a package with the lisp image
2) a package with source that compiles while clm is installed?

my personal preference goes for 2), and that is how it is packaged right
now. Of course i could change it if majority think so.


 09/10/2003 alle 23:38:14, -0400, Michael Klingbeil [AKA michael] ha scritto/escribió/wrote:
> For more comprehensible version info, try evaluating *clm-date* and 
> *clm-news*
> Much more useful than *clm-version* in my opinion.
> However, I would strongly support Bret's idea whereby the clm tar 
> file or the directory within the tar file has the release date 
> appended -- like clm-2-030929. This would make things less confusing 
> and avoid me accidentally blowing something away when I unarchive a 
> new version. Usually I have 2 or sometimes even 3 active versions of 
> clm lying around -- stable (sometimes with my own tweaks and hacks), 
> latest download, and then usually some other version inbetween...
> I would also support posting of the last revision date -- or maybe 
> posting a direct link to HISTORY.clm on the webpage.
> Bill, perhaps you could comment on whether any of these suggestions 
> are reasonable.
> Best regards,
> Michael
> >I've been wondering about CLM versioning issues, and I'll finally 
> >bring the issue up here. Triggered by the fact that today the only 
> >way I could tell if CLM had been updated since the last version I 
> >had was to downloaded the gzip file and gunzip and un tar it and 
> >read the History file.
> >
> >2nd issue is: I'm releasing tools that use CLM -- so I feel it is 
> >important to be able to say "works with CLM Version X.Y" -- but the 
> >only version number we have is 2. (Though if I request 
> >*clm-version*, I get 16...?)
> >
> >Actually, any time now that I download CLM, I look in the history 
> >file to figure out the revision date, then I rename the folder on my 
> >machine from clm2 to CLM2-030929 (for example).
> >
> >Seems it would be easier (and more conventional) to (best) have 
> >numbered or dated releases of CLM...
> >
> >&/or, (next best)
> >
> >have the CLM web page at least indicate the date of last revision so 
> >one readily knows whether one should download the new version.
> >
> >-=Bret
> >
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