[CM] mix as list arg stuff in Snd

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Wed, 08 Oct 2003 11:24:52 -0400

Bill Schottstaedt wrote:

> I'm preparing to change the mix handlers in Snd, primarily to
> incorporate the notion of lists of mixes (and lists of lists, etc),
> and hopefully to make multichannel mixing/panning less complicated.
> Step one is to remove the current (confusing) distinction
> between the mix and its underlying source.  Will this change
> be a problem for anyone?

Not really, just let me know what will need changed in the Mix menu stuff.

Btw, Snd is still rocking sweetly here. I notice that Kjetil has also 
been working on Snd configuration stuff, perhaps at some point we should 
pool our efforts to arrive at a more user-friendly customization setup, 
i.e., background colors, fonts settings, and so forth. I know how to do 
it, Kjetil knows how, and you know how, but I think Joe Average User is 
put off by having to enter text into external config files.

I've tried  every soundfile editor available for Linux. They each have 
some feature or another that's very nice, but for sheer power and 
customization nothing comes close to Snd. Just my opinion of course, but 
I gotta say it every now & then... ;)

== dp