[CM] Re: snd->sample looping

Patrick Pagano bigswift@ufl.edu
Wed, 1 Oct 2003 09:51:58 -0400

i have had luck using play often
but i would really love a scrolling cursor and loop to be built into 
the gui
what is the easiest way to do this?


On Wednesday, October 1, 2003, at 09:13 AM, Bill Schottstaedt wrote:

> > I was thinking of setting loop points in a file for a sampler.  Is 
> that
> > possible?  Any hints on how I might go about adding this feature?
> see sound-loop-info which is settable (extsnd.html#sndsoundloopinfo).
> explode-sf2 in examp.scm is an example.
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