[CM] snd 7.0

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 03:09:13 -0800

Snd 7.0

Major changes:
   added sndins and gfm to sndlib -- both written by Michael Scholz.
     sndins has faster versions of some of the instruments, and
     gfm is a Forth implementation of CLM!

   Kjetil S. Matheussen provided support for the Jack library and
     snd_conffile.scm, and found many bugs.  To include Jack support,
     use the --with-jack switch to configure.

   The mix.scm track support was moved into Snd itself with many changes:
          track, tracks, track?, make-track, track-amp, track-tempo, track-dialog,
            track-position, track-frames, track-speed, track-amp-env, track-track,
            delete-track, delete-mix, track-color, lock-track, track-chans,
            copy-mix, copy-track, mix-dialog-mix, track-dialog-track, mix-inverted?
          a View:Tracks dialog.
          track-property and mix-click-info in mix.scm.
          optional track arg to mix-vct, mix-selection, mix-region, mix.
          env-track -> track-amp-env
          unused-track and new-track -> make-track.
          track-length -> track-frames.
          mix-locked -> mix-locked?
          mix-dragged-hook -> mix-release-hook.
          mix-anchor -> mix-tag-position.
          mix-panel -> mix-dialog.
          notion of a selected mix (selected-mix, selected-mix-color,
            select-mix, select-mix-hook).
          mix-amp|speed|amp-env-changed-hooks and multichannel-mix-hook.
          'snd' arg to make-track-sample-reader.
          the mix-as-list option from various functions.
          mix-sync (use mix-track).
          next-mix-sample and next-track-sample (use read-*)
     mix-frames is no longer settable.
     moved find-mix to mix.scm
     a bazillion other changes too boring to mention.

Minor stuff:
   Mike Scholz and I made various additions to libxm (mainly the shape
     extension and several more struct field accessors).
   removed the length arg from spectrum in clm2xen.
   added snd-urls.
   set-root-window-background in snd-motif.scm.
   cursor-style and cursor-size can be set globally.
   added optional filename arg to save-marks and implemented it in Ruby.
   added recorder-file-hook to set or modify recorder output,
     file name, and recorder-out-type.
   peak-env.scm is smarter about peak filenames thanks to Kjetil S. Matheussen.

In CLM, the help file creator no longer creates filenames
   with embedded spaces (thanks to Marco Trevisani).
   various ACL 6.2/Windows bugfixes thanks to Kenny Tilton.

checked glib/gtk 2.3.0, but I haven't yet implemented all the
   changes in xg.c yet.  I'll use the new file-chooser widget
   in Snd eventually.

   also checked Ruby 1.8.1

With much help from Michael Scholz, Oded Ben-Tal, Pat Pagano,
   Craig Sapp, Russell Aspinwall, Marco Trevisani, Kjetil S. Matheussen,
   Paul Kirk, Kenny Tilton, Jeremiah Benham.