[CM] cm midi->csound?

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Sat, 22 Nov 2003 08:50:58 -0600

this should be working in the current system. You would use 
import-events to import your MIDI data into  CM and then write the 
sequence(s) back out to a .sco file. the global variable 
'midi-channel-names' (src/midi3.scm) is a vector that you can use to 
associate (up to) 16 csound instruments names ("i1"  "i2" "i99" and so  
on) with midi channels.  When a MIDI event is output to a .sco  file 
AND there is an instrument name defined for the MIDI event's channel in 
  midi-channel-names then that i name will get printed in the score 
followed by four parameters values:

	ixx start dur hz amp

where ixx is the name assigned in midi-channel-names, start is its 
start time, dur is duration, hz is frequency in herz and amp is 0-1

you may be the first person to use this 'feature'  -- if you find it is 
two restictive the code could be easilty modified to allow you to 
asscoate an arbitrary print function at each location in 
midi-channel-names such that your print function will be called with 
the midi evnt to print an arbitrary i... statement in the score. that 
way you could write out to any sort of csound instument regardless of 
what its parameters are.
it would be very simple to add this, let me know.

Saturday, Nov 22, 2003, at 08:02 America/Chicago, Drew Krause wrote:

> Just wondering, has anyone written a routine in CM that would convert 
> midifiles to csound scores? Since CM has interface functionality for 
> both filetypes, its implementation would probably be fairly 
> straightforward ....
> Drew Krause
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