[CM] new to snd and sound editing

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 04:06:01 -0800

 > I am new to snd and don't know much about sound-editing,
 > I just want to use it for postprocessing my recordings which
 > I made from my tape and lp collection. Are there any howto's
 > or examples available for example to filter out the cracks
 > on the lp's or to "refresh" bad taperecordings ?

This has been on me "todo list" for years!  There are some
filtering examples and click removing/smoothing functions
scattered around, but nothing that really tries to clean
up a recording.  I think some cmdisters have mentioned
gwc (Gnome Wave Cleaner), and a long time ago Matti Koskinen
had some wavelet-based code (if I remember right). Someday
I'll have time to look at this problem in detail -- it's
not an easy problem, I think, if you want to keep the
original's "brightness".  (Current functions in Snd
include anoi, remove-click, smooth-*, various low-pass
filters, and fft-squelch -- see extsnd.hmtl and sndscm.html).