[CM] tempo change in midi files

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Sun, 16 Nov 2003 17:10:36 -0600

Well of course you can apply accel and deaccl to wait values that then 
affect the timing of the events in the file but i guess this is 
probably not what you want in ths case. Maybe the thing to do would be 
to have the process output explilcit tempo changes in addition to midi 
events, ie
(process ...
   when (change-tempo? ...)
     output (new midimsg :time (now) msg (make-tempo-change ...) 
:channel 0 ...)
   output (new midi :time (now) ... channel 1 ...)
   wait beat)

another soulutino would be to define a seq that holds just your tempo 
changes and then mix that into the file along with the output from your 
musical processes:

(new seq :name 'tpo :subobjects (make-tempo-map ...))

(events (list #&tpo (my-piece)) "foo.midi")

On Sunday, Nov 16, 2003, at 09:00 America/Chicago, Orm Finnendahl wrote:

> Hi,
> I couldn't find any information about changing the tempo in midi files
> according to some tempo map. I have a list of note events with time
> and duration information in musical format (quarters, eigths etc.) and
> would like to apply different accelerandos and ritardandos to this
> data.
> Con someone shed some light on this issue or point me to references? I
> couldn't find any information in the dictionary etc...
> --
> Orm
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