[CM] newbie question

Jans Aasman aasman@xs4all.nl
Thu, 29 May 2003 16:40:32 +0100


    I downloaded CMN and got it to compile without problems on a windows
2000 machine with ACL 6.2 (ansi version).
    I ran the examples in the file "cmntest.lisp" and none of the examples
returned any error message BUT  there is also no output.

I tried to set *cmn-output-type* to :postscript (and quickdraw) but didn't
get the file "aaa.eps" anywhere on my system...

   browsing through the source code i think that the problem is somewhere in
the cmn-grfx.lisp file, i didn't see a #+(and ....) combination that would
do something for acl6.2.

    If I look at the file cmn-all.lisp I see that :windoze is added to the
*features* list so that might give someone the impression that software on
windows is supported, alas, probably not for acl ...

    i'm a complete newbie with respect to the foreign function interface so
it would be great if anyone of you already solved this problem for acl6.2,


Jans Aasman