[CM] Re: blue + cm

steven yi stevenyi@csounds.com
12 May 2003 22:36:24 -0700

Hi Andrés,

Until CM is updated for outputting to stdout, Ben McAllister on the
blue-users list found a way to do it.  The lisp functions are in this


(the formatting of the parentheses is off due to being displayed in

For blue, there are two ways to get generated scores from external
programs back into blue:

1) The external program writes out to stdout, which is captured and
brought back into blue.  

2) The external program accepts a commandline filename to write out to,
which blue can open up after processing and read in. (blue supplies a
system-generated temporary file's name via $outfile)

The first method was the original method and the second was added due to
some programs not having option 1 as a possibility and no open source
code(i.e. to use Cmask in blue, which does not write to stdout).  The
second method is not well documented, though I plan to have
documentation more up to par for next release.  

I myself am a CM/Lisp newbie and am learning slowly as time permits, so
am slow to experiment with these things.  (I'm only on chapter 10 of
Rick's fantastic book).  I'm looking forward to experimenting further
with CM/blue/Csound myself!

Glad to hear blue is helping out with Csound for you!


On Mon, 2003-05-12 at 21:58, kasti wrote:
> Hello!
> Now that you´re asking, some days ago I sent a message to the CM-mailing
> list asking for a way to get back to the linux shell (stdout) the result
> from running or compiling a CM_script file  (just as you said in the blue
> documentation), and Rick sent me this answer:
> "...on the stdout business, apparently *standard-out* in Lisp is linux
> standard
> out too so ill add the ability to output to any stream, not just files.
> its
> a very simply addition but it wont be ready until somethme next week"
> So, it probably would be possible to do it even without an intermediate
> score file, but as I guess you probably would know much better than me
> how to handle this (I´m a newbie to Csound, Linux and CM (in that
> order)), I ask you if you can try this possibility to make it work with
> Blue (which in fact helps me A LOT! with Csound) and inform us (blue/CM
> users).
> Thanks for your attention and excuse me if my syntax/redaction is a
> little confusing (english is not my native language).
> !-)
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>   andrés f. castiblanco v.
>   e-mail address: afc_asti@allmail.net