[CM] xcm file (again)

kasti afc_asti@allmail.net
Mon, 12 May 2003 20:34:42 -0800

Hello guys I´m back!

I tried to find the `xcm' script file and not found it! so I have some

- Is it a regular batch file (.bat on win32, or .sh in linux) with some
arguments to start XEmacs?

(e.g. "c:\usr\...\xemacs.exe whatever_arguments")

- ... or is it a lisp_code file that can be added to a regular `init.el'
file, so I can add the relevant lines to this file?

- if neither of them are correct, can anyone send me a copy of it, so I
can modify it to work in my systems (redhat8-xemacs21.4 and/or

Thhank you for any help!
  andrés f. castiblanco v.
  e-mail address: afc_asti@allmail.net

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